Stages FLIGHT and Ctrl+

Stagesflight and Controlplus International joined forces to create a total solution for the stages Boutique center.  One stop where the consumer connects to the website or mobile app of the club and buys his/her membership, books a ride and gets an instant notification by the club as reminder. Controlplus provides the club a full Content management system driver website and a portal in which all the lessons and memberships are presented.  Once the consumer books the ride with the correct membership or single payment, than the full client information with selection of ROW and bike is sent to the stagesflight application in which all will be set and adjusted for the consumer.


The all in one solution solution fits every need


Get the best of the best, from Website, app until interactive training.

Stages cycling

Focused on the holistic indoor cycling studio experience, Stages Flight is where entertainment meets training.

Book you ride

Get on the studio app and book your ride with full control over payment and or membership.

Real time insight

Get all the numbers and statisctis over your studio in 1 single click.


Onlline payments, SEPA direct debet, internal Clubcard Wallet, local payment providers can all be connected to your studio.

CASe cyclo studio

In collaboration with we have made an ideal setup for such kind of studio.  Starting with an attractive website that explains the ins and the outs of the studio, than going to the app to book the ride, via the app they can book a single session or purchase a membership with 1 single click and book afterwards right away their ride with selection of their preferred row and bike.  Thanks to the additional local native apps the consumer will also be notified and alerted if something might change in their lesson or gain the latest information on the studio promotions GO TO WEBSITE